Instrument management and reporting software

Designed to serve small, waived and moderately-complex physician’s office laboratories, FFlex eLink is a middleware product designed to provide cost-effective connectivity between the clinical instruments and the practice. The solution works with the EMR to receive and route orders, capture results from all interfaces, and return them to the EMR through a single interface — in the order the user chooses. For sites without an EMR system, the software processes orders and prints professional/chartable patient reports automatically, and runs on any PC with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. The middleware supports more than 350 instrument interfaces, and backup can be autoscheduled, and preferences such as demographic field requirements and order of results are easily set.

Merge Healthcare

Middleware for CLIA-waived testing

Antek HealthWareLabDAQ MiddleWare links a lab’s CLIA-waived instruments to the electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR). Eliminating the need for manual data entry, the middleware solution provides a user interface that is easy to use and allows users to define test panels; order tests; and approve, reject, or re-run test results. In addition, users also have the ability to enter non-instrumented test results. The company has developed interfaces to more than 400 analyzers and numerous EMR/EHR systems to ensure timely and trouble-free implementation. The middleware operates through an ASTM interface, the lab instruments, and an HL7 interface to the office EMR. With implementation of this tool, laboratories can automatically send data to be input into EMRs to streamline the delivery of information to caregivers and reduce the incidence of errors associated with manual data entry.

Antek HealthWare

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Java-based modular middleware solution

Dawning TechnologiesJResultNet software is a modular Java-based middleware application used to manage data flow between large arrays of lab instruments and laboratory information systems (LIS). The system provides a range of capabilities including support of different communication protocols at each connection point and the application of complex rules filters where desired. The solution can be used for enterprise-wide autoverification applications or single instrument connections. Version 3.2.0 includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface, an offline rules-development kit, and a user-management system that tracks and allows for the control of individual user permissions. The solution can be run on rack servers to handle high-volume, mission-critical applications or on desktop PCs in the lab to manage instrument connections within the LIS environment.

Dawning Technologies

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Comprehensive work-area management system

Sysmex AmericaSysmex WAM brings advanced, rules-based intelligence to automation systems by consolidating data from multiple instruments and performing expert rules-based functions and results management. Configured for medium to large laboratories, the solution supports multisite and multi-LIS connectivity across the enterprise. The information-management tool consolidates data from multiple analyzers and devices, performs complex rules-based functions, and then communicates the information to the LIS. WAM manages all result and reflexing contingencies for instruments, manual differentials, and smear results. The consolidation of data on a single database provides organization-wide delta checking and previous result identification. The system provides real-time positive specimen, rack, and slide tracking from the point of origin at any site/location to final disposition regardless of distance.

Sysmex America

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Instrumentation and information system connection

Data InnovationsInstrument Manager (IM) version 8.10 is an instrument- and LIS-independent connectivity and data-management system that can be used as a data-management solution that stands between the instruments or medical devices and the information system as a connectivity solution, or as a stand-alone small information system. This release includes moving averages, maintenance manager, cell-counter, and specimen storage and retrieval functionality. Moving averages enables labs to continuously monitor analyzers’ performance in real time using patient specimens to calculate moving averages. Users can define the actions to occur automatically when different thresholds are crossed, and define which results should automatically be excluded from the calculations. IM interfaces with instruments such as laboratory analyzers, automation equipment, and point-of-care devices. IM has a capacity of 200+ connections and includes a comprehensive user-security system, making it possible for sites to be HIPAA compliant.

Data Innovations

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Instrument-independent middleware suite

TechnidataThe TD-Harmony Middleware Suite is an instrument-independent blend of software solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of any LIS. Developed in compliance with ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality standards, this application suite — positioned between the lab’s diagnostic instrumentation and LIS — adds intelligence, automation, efficiency, and reliability into core and microbiology lab production environments. Scalability ranging from single-instrument connectivity to complete laboratory test-production management allows the user to select the functionality that fits his needs. A dedicated microbiology module offers a paperless workflow through a set of features addressing the specific requirements of the discipline. The product can be interfaced with the majority of LIS and with more than 475 IVD analyzers, and it includes a real-time rule-based engine, specimen-management facilities (routing and storage), as well as document and non-conformity management tools.


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Connect instruments to EHR, EMR system

Fletcher-FloraFFlex eLink is a middleware solution that helps integrate otherwise stand-alone instruments directly to an EHR, EMR, practice management, or other host system utilizing industry-standard interface protocols. The system accepts the sample ID, date, time, and result from the instrument. Using the review screen, the user can select a sample from a drop-down menu, review the results, and release all acceptable results. Once released, the result information is automatically transferred to the host system for reporting. The system can be configured so each user is allowed specific menu options based on the level of access assigned by the administrator. All logins are password protected and online communication is encrypted for secure transfer of information to help meet HIPAA and other regulatory standards.


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